Sunday, December 22, 2013

Big Cat Sketching Safari

Paleoartist Mauricio Anton helped to organize a safari to northern Botswana to sketch big cats in the wild. He filmed and edited  a video about it, and he wrote the music, too. (Direct link to video)

He'll be doing the safari again if you're interested in joining in.
Mauricio Anton has written and illustrated several books, including Sabertooth (Life of the Past)


Gary Geraths said...

Looks spectacular to travel and work with such an expert. He also illustrated a book, The Big Cats-and their fossil realtives. Its a great reference book and nicely illustrated. Being just a poor little art professor its outta' my league but for being a big cat drawer/observer it looks like the informational adventure trip of a lifetime

Diana Moses Botkin said...

What a privilege to observe these beautiful creatures first-hand. Thank you for sharing this, James. It made my day to see a glimpse into this part of God's creation.

Prognostika said...
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