Friday, December 6, 2013

Fluid dynamics effects reel

Artists in the digital realm continue to create fresh visual wonders. Here's a fluid effects reel by Jesse Pitela that shows off some amazing splash and flow dynamics.

I'm not sure exactly how this stuff works, but I'm guessing it involves some sophisticated simulations involving momentum, air resistance, surface tension, and gravitation. Plus a wonderful artistic sense of timing, lighting, and composition. (Link to video) Thanks, CG Bros.


Unknown said...

The physics are built into it, so there is no "animation" as such, they software does it all, the calculations etc, because the physics are built in.

Kevin Baker said...

I definitely wouldn't say "the software does it all". Yes, the physics are built in, but getting aesthetically pleasing results takes a whole lot of tweaking settings and adding in forces that aren't physically accurate. It requires both an artistic eye and a strong intuitive understanding of the physics.

Vladimir Venkov said...

Kevin is right. It take a lot of time to get nice and pleasing results. The physics are just a base.I am a 3d artist but more on the modeling/sculpting texturing side of the field.
In the room where I work another guy had to do an HD nebula. He used a particle simulation of about 1 billion and two hundred million particles. It took him a huge amount of time to shape it the way the client wanted it. At the end looked great. The process is not just a "push of a button" but a person wouldn't know until they are in the field I guess.
p.s. Thanks for the great blog James!

Unknown said...

Thanks for those comments. I was just trying to give an idea of how physics drives animation in 3d graphics to anyone who may not have known about the concept. Of course the parameters of the physics (gravity, etc) can be adjusted and even over-ridden to get the result one is looking for. I didn't mean to imply that it was all done with one push of a button!! Thanks for the correction.

Unknown said...

This old Maya video explains what I was trying to say about "Dynamics" (5:40)