Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fractal-Powered CGl Film

This video of morphing and turning space rocks was created not by sculpting or modeling in the usual way, but rather by using fractal mathematics. (Video link).

One of the principles of fractal geometry is self-similarity, where large forms are composed of smaller and smaller components that share the same geometry. This is a design principle found in nature in rock forms, cloud shapes and branching forms. Fractal powered digital graphics provide a a tool for building worlds for animation and computer games.

The video was by Julius Horsthuis, rendered in Mandelbulb 3D, with music by Maurice Horsthuis.


greenishthing said...

Jame, Im playing a game called megapolis it exist on facebook ios adroid, and among their list of building to build they have.... a Dinotopio souvenir shop!

If you want a pic of it let me know! Im building it of course.

Cheer !


Unknown said...

It's really cool how the patterns in nature are repeated in so many ways... some very obvious... but those patterns also exist in so many intangible forms as well, even in the way our own thought processes work. It's an interesting area to explore and to express through the arts. Thanks!

James Gurney said...

Greenish, Dinotopio? Thanks, sure, please send me a pic.

greenishthing said...

I put it on you facebook wall!

Truepinkas said...

Who doesn't love fractals? And they can taste great too! well, as long as you like broccoli that is. I've had this when relatives come over, it's a real conversation starter.