Monday, February 10, 2014

Sketches for "Digging Leviathan"

Here are some initial concept sketches for the cover of a 1984 science fiction novel called Digging Leviathan by James Blaylock.  

The sketches are drawn in pen and marker. I was trying to stay loose, letting ideas happen with each iteration, like a musician's multiple takes in a recording studio.

In the story, the hero makes a machine that can dig under modern-day Los Angeles in search of Pellucidar.

Blaylock is widely regarded as one of the originators of the steampunk movement. I loved the way he introduced fantastical elements into the banal reality of the modern world.
See an unused color sketch for this cover at the previous post, "Digging Machine"


Adam Stolterman said...

Beautiful! And i have to thank you so much for this post because you just changed my whole perspective on my painting process. I've always felt that i fail every time i don't get the idea right and have to try again. But it's strange because i also work with music, and when i need to do one more take i never feel that it's a failure. I wonder why i feel there is a difference between doing another take in music and doing another sketch in painting. So thank you! Now i feel exited about the next sketch!


David Glenn said...

Interesting. But why was it that the goal Digging Leviathan was to try to find Pellucidar? Isn't that using someone else's work?

crumblydonut said...

I love to buy a high quality print. Any idea of where the original landed?