Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kramskoy paints Yaroshenko

Left: Nikolai Yaroshenko by Ivan Kramskoy. Right: Kramskoy by Yaroshenko
After the last post about the watercolor portrait of Kramskoy by Yaroshenko, I suspected that Kramskoy must have been painting Yaroshenko in return. The giveaway was the pad of paper in his lap.

And sure enough, I found the other painting: Yaroshenko by Kramskoy (left). The two artists spent the summer of 1874 together in Kramskoy's country house near Siversky Station. (Link for more info)


David Teter said...

Leave to you James to wonder that!
Just like ones here on your blog where you draw/paint a fellow artist at the same time.
And you found it.
Very cool.

Novice Naturalist said...

I agree! Very cool that you wondered about it and that you found it! Sleuth/artist!