Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Greg Day" at IMC

Graphic novel artist Greg Ruth (The Lost Boy) made a surprise appearance at Illustration Master Class.

When Mike Mignola (Hellboy) saw the sketch I did of Greg, he said "Ruth is human broccoli."

The Drybrush Master from Ben Tobin on Vimeo.
Greg Ruth did a brush and ink demo to an enthusiastic group of students, right after sharing the trailer for the documentary about him called "Drybrush Master." (Direct link to video)

Later in the day, painting ninja Greg Manchess showed us how he was able to produce more than 20 oil illustrations for a client who only gave him about two weeks.
The Lost Boy


Dan said...


Why is it that in nearly all videos of artists working, you hardly see them do anything? I mean there are quick shots of this stroke or that interspersed with footage of finished works interspersed with clips showing the artist's face interspersed with clips of the subject, close ups of the artist's hand dipping his brush into some paint or ink, etc.

What I am (dare I say "we are"?) interested in is how an artwork takes form as the artist makes marks on the surface, IN CONTEXT, showing the whole work with pigment being applied, hesitations, pauses, the artist's thought processes as she or he solves problems, etc.

In short, as an aspiring artist, I (and perhaps others like me) would like to get a sense of how an accomplished artist works. Sometimes it seems as if the videos are deliberately edited so as to hide the real process of drawing or painting and give the impression that the artist just knocked off a dozen or so masterpieces in short order.


Please understand: It's not a criticism of the artists or their art. It's their videos that are frustrating. I'm interested in how artists work, but I'm always trying to catch glimpses of it through a collage of quick closeups cut to music. This can be frustrating.

James Gurney said...

Dan, I hear what you're saying. I did a post a while ago asking people for their pet peeves about art videos, and they pointed out a lot of the things you're keying into.

Benjamin Tobin said...
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Maike Bohlen said...

Thanks so much. It is so inspiring to see excellence.