Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nuthin' But Mech 2

Fans of robots, jaegers, droids, mobile weapons, drones, and transformers will be interested to know that the new edition of Nuthin' But Mech Volume 2 is now available.

This is the second volume in the series originated by Lorin Wood, who created the original Nuthin But Mech blog. Ian McQue produced these robot walkers with all the wear and tear and rust of a real machine that had been left outdoors for a long time.

Most of the images are either 2D or 3D digital, but there are a few painted in traditional media. All of the proceeds will go to help the medical costs of Francis Tsai, one of the book's contributors, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease in 2010.

This book features the work 40 contributors, ranging from whimsical concepts to realistic and compelling dystopian visions, such as this one by Bastiaan Koch.

There are six pages of my own artwork, mostly the new sepia paintings for Dinotopia, First Flight Expanded Edition. This one, called "Drainage Man," has the caption: "Poseidian D-class brontostrutters require frequent fluid exchange service. Drainage men, stationed at remote outposts along the steam safari routes of the Great Desert, replace hydraulic oil from the quad pistons after every 50K cycles. They also check lube levels, and they pump water into the belly tanks for the long hauls."

Nuthin' But Mech Volume 2

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