Monday, January 5, 2015

Figurehead Maquette

When I visited his Baltimore studio a few years ago, my friend Patrick O'Brien showed me a maquette of a lion figurehead that he built for reference on one of his marine paintings. I'm trying to talk him into letting me use it for a hood ornament on my Mazda.

Patrick O'Brien, Marine Artist


Tom Hart said...

How ironic that he shares the name, spelled differently, with the late famous (and great) marine fiction author, Patrick O'Brian. One of my all time favorites. Now to familiarize myself with Patrick O'BriEn. I love what I see so far!

Rich said...

...that's gonna be a golden "Silver-Ghost Lion" on your Mazda. And we'll happily recognize the Gurneys in the parking lot, whenever they happen to be there:o)

Aah, love this Patrick O'Brien! Somehow reminds me of the model kits in toy shops. Whenever I happen to visit one, I have a look at those ship and airplane models, or rather at their packaging; from small to large: still some of those beautiful boxes are hand-painted, not photoshopped, and they still do have that admirable O'Brien illustration quality.

Elena Jardiniz said...

You know, there's an online software that'll make a 3D model from a bunch of photos of any object. One of them is 123Catch from AutoDesk.

From there you can order a model printed - look up '3D print shop'. All you'd have to do then is paint it gold.