Saturday, January 3, 2015

IFX Maquette Series

Check out the latest issue of ImagineFX magazine. I've been writing a series of articles for them about making physical reference maquettes. This one shows how I made a dinosaur maquette for the Scientific American article.

Here's a video (link to YouTube) showing more. Coming up in the ImagineFX series: Architectural Maquettes, How to Build a Pterosaur, and more.


dinodanthetrainman said...

You never cease to amaze me,brilliant work!

Rich said...

What a painstaking worker/Artist you are! What a congregation of dinosours here.
Enjoyed it & all once more.

Fabio said...

What do you think about making maquettes with 3D software? Nowadays a skilled digital sculptor can make one in a hour or so, and then you can put lights as you want.
Do you think there are any drawbacks?

Thank you, Mr. Gurney! I usually recommend your books to all my colleagues (I'm a student in CGI animation). :)