Monday, February 9, 2015

Gibson featured in Illustration magazine

The upcoming issue of Illustration magazine (Issue #47) features the work of Charles Dana Gibson.

Gibson (1867-1944) was an illustrator from the Golden Age whose portrayals of self-confident women became a style icon known as the 'Gibson Girl.' 

Gibson's painterly pen-and-ink illustrations captured the attitudes and postures of the characters he portrayed, often in amusing or awkward situations.

The article by Gary Land tells the story of his life, from child prodigy to celebrity artist. It is well illustrated with 35 images, shot from original art. This issue also a feature article on pin-up illustrator George Petty.

Dan Zimmer, who publishes Illustration magazine, is also about to release a trade edition of his successful Kickstarter project, a book called The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration

It's not a history or a textbook, but a picture book with over 218 color illustrations by 154 different artists. The book is a 9 x 12 inch hardcover and costs $44.95. It will ship in March, and you can preorder now.
Illustration magazine


Unknown said...

Dan, are you sure it's issue #46? There's no mention of Gibson or Petty on the Illustration Magazine #46 link. I want to be sure I order the correct issue.

Unknown said...

Sorry, James. I had your cousin Dan's name on my brain from a recent post.

James Gurney said...

Steve, my mistake. It's issue 47. I've fixed the post.

John Kaay said...

Title of the second illustration: "You are not going out dressed like that, young lady!"