Thursday, February 5, 2015

Interactive Sketchbook Contest

A lot of artists are having fun making their drawings interact with the real world, so I thought we could do a contest here on GurneyJourney.

The idea is to draw or paint a picture in your sketchbook that relates in some way to actual objects in the environment around it and then take a photo of the interaction. Here are some examples for inspiration:

Artist fighting with creation. Alex Solis of Chicago

Sketched character dealing with a problem nearby. David, known as Troqman

Drawing with marker and white-out on clear plastic sheet. Marty Cooper, known as Hombre McSteez

Cartoon character cut out of paper. Mlle Lowra of Deviant Art

Object placed in front of drawing. Cartoonist Manik n Ratan from Bangladesh

Those of you who are plein-air painters could do something with a fantastical painted illusion on canvas or glass that merges with its background, like a glass matte.

1. Your art can be a drawing or painting on a sketchbook page, panel, canvas, but not grafitti or chalk art drawn on the scene itself.
2. The drawing can be folded or cut out or drawn on clear acetate. If you use acetate, show the edge of it and a hand or something holding it.
3. No Photoshop manipulation—everything should be photographed together in camera.
4. Art should be new and original; not already published.
5. One entry per person, please.

How to Enter
6. Submit entry as an attached JPEG (no more than 800 px on longest side) to gurneyjourney [at] gmail. Title the file with your name and the title of the piece if any.
7. Use subject line "INTERACTIVE SKETCHBOOK"
8. Or send me a link to a public file-hosting site where your image can easily be accessed and downloaded.
9. Deadline is March 15. It's free to enter.
10. I'll pick my favorite 10 semifinalists to post on the blog, then a blog poll will select the top three.
11. Top three finalists receive official Department of Art embroidered patches (thanks to blog reader Steve for donating the patches).


Anonymous said...

Smashing idea! Point of clarification: does it have to be a in sketchbook? Some of my ideas involve doing things I would never want to do to my sketchbook...
Cheers, Charlie

James Gurney said...

Charlie, thanks for asking. No, it doesn't have to be in a sketchbook. It can be on a separate piece of paper or panel.