Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dinotopia World Beneath, Episode 10

It's Tuesday, time for Episode 10 of the serialized audio dramatization of Dinotopia: The World Beneath. You can listen to the track by clicking on the play button below, or by following the direct link to SoundCloud.

As they search for the legendary treasure of King Ogthar, Arthur, Oriana, Bix, and Crabb find a mothball fleet of biomechanical walkers, whose design is based on trilobites and dinosaurs.  

Back in the early 1990s, when I was painting these images, not many people called such things "steampunk," but they were definitely inspired by Victorian mechanics.  

The Podcast Series
This acoustic adventure was produced by Tom Lopez, mastermind of the ZBS Foundation, with an original music track by composer Tim Clark.

The Christian Science Monitor called this production "A dazzling soundscape that does full justice to Gurney’s wondrous lost world… perfect family listening.”

Episode 11 arrives in a week. Each short episode will only be live online for one week, and then it will disappear.

If you'd like to purchase the full two-hour World Beneath podcast right now and hear all fifteen episodes back to back in a feature-length production, check out The World Beneath at ZBS Foundation website for the MP3 download. It's also available as a CD.

The Book
You can also order the original printed book from my web store and I'll sign it for you. (It ships via Media Mail within 24 hours of your order. US orders only for the book, please). The book is also available from Amazon in a 20th Anniversary Edition with lots of extras.

The Museum Exhibition is now on view
Many of these paintings are now on view at the Dinotopia exhibition at the Stamford Art Museum and Nature Center through May 25.


David Glenn said...

This is still incredible! I've been sharing these posts online.

Rick Robinson said...

I'm hoping this won't be the end of the audio versions of your books!