Monday, April 13, 2015

New Item

There's a new item in the barn—baby chicks in the brooding box. 


They're posing for their first portrait. Well, actually they don't pose at all. They doze, eat, and poop on a five minute cycle. The sticker is from the grocery store.

My other challenge is Handsome the uber-friendly cat. He keeps wanting to jump on my lap and get patted.

In keeping with the tradition of titling my sketchbooks with the first words that appear in it, this one is called "New Item."
Pentalic Aqua Journal (5 x 8 inch) (Edit--note, this seems to be out of stock, thanks Tom)
Moleskine Watercolor Album is an OK substitute, but the paper isn't 100% cotton like the Pentalic).
Schmincke Small Watercolor Set 
Nalgene 2-Ounce Jar
Watercolor Brush Set


Tom Hart said...

Wonderful piece! The juxtaposition of the sticker and the sensitive painting is great.

Off topic: Do you happen to know anything about the price for the Pentalic sketch book? The only seller at the Amazon link is charging $75! Makes me wonder if it's out of production...or could that be a price for a bundle of several? (Sorry, I know that's not your responsibilty, but maybe another reader will know...)

James Gurney said...

Gee, that's weird. I didn't recheck the link this time. When I bought mine it was only $15.00, the same price as the Moleskine. I hope it's not out of production. It's a good book, with 100% rag paper. Looks like the smaller pocket size one is still available.

Maybe someone can write to the company and see what's up.

Tom Hart said...

I'm not in the market for one right now, but for what it's worth, the Pentalic website still lists the 5x8, though it doesn't appear that you can order from them. (says "This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, or is no longer available through". One other website suggests that they have them available. I can't vouch for either site.

Steve said...

I checked the on-line sources listed on the Pentalic website. Everybody is out of the Aqua Journal. I spoke with a kind woman from one of these suppliers, Creative-Coldsnow (love the name!) outside Kansas City. She immediately knew about the situation and assured me Pentalic is still offering the 5 x 8 Aqua Journal, but there will be no new supply until at least May. The way she phrased this made it sound as though that was true for more than just her company. Creative-Coldsnow sells the Aqua Journal for $15.16.

I also left an email with Pentalic (Beaverton, OR) asking about the Aqua Journal.

Love those New Items, too!

Julia said...

You listed every product except the baby chicks. Just kidding - very nice post.

Warren JB said...

Excellent as always! The sticker is a funny touch too. Also, weirdly excited to see the cover of one of your new sketchbooks. You wouldn't happen to have a gallery of just those, would you...?

I second Tom: I looked at the $75 and did a double take. Might be moot on this side of the ocean, anyway.

suruha said...

You write all the baby chicks did was "doze, eat, and poop on a five minute cycle". Perhaps, if you set the timer for ten minutes, you could get more done. LOL Sorry, I just couldn't resist!
Love the piece! You painted some beautiful chicks, but, I love the sticker, too!
That 'lay out' would be adorable with a watercolor, or any image, even, of a baby.
I just found your site a few days ago. I really like your posts and your painting. I create, but, I have been trying it digitally. Meh! We'll see.

James Gurney said...

Warren JB, yes, I did a post about the sketchbook covers and the materials I use for painting the titles on them.
It isn't a gallery, really, but that's a good idea.

James Gurney said...

Suruha, thanks for visiting the blog and saying hi. All the best with your creating, whatever form it takes. About the stickers--I love gathering weird stickers and tickets and sticking them in sketchbooks.

Rich said...

"...they dooze, eat, and poop on a five minute cycle"...

Reminds me of Me...errh...wait a minute:
Time cycles differ.

Maggie Mardis IL USA said...

I ordered a Pentalic Aqua Journal from a company who got back to me today, April 20, and said they were out of stock on the sketch journals but would be resupplied by May 15, 2015. They said the item is very popular. I assume from this communication that they will continue to be available.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Maggie, that's a relief to hear they'll be back.