Thursday, September 24, 2015

Interactive Music Visualizer

Panoramical is a music visualizer that creates moving images tied to a music track. Here's the trailer.

But it's also a game that lets users customize various parameters of experience, resulting in something that resembles electronic lucid dreaming, or interactive hallucinogenic synesthesia.

It was created by Argentine DJ, visualist, and programmer Fernando Ramallo and Proteus co-creator David Kanaga.
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dragonladych said...

Fun! But that wouldn't have the same effect on me I suppose, since I have this very form of synaesthesia.

Not sure why synaesthesia is supposed to have any link to hallucinations, they certainly aren't comparable, it's just a different form of perception. If anything it's the very opposite of hallucinations, not that I have a big experience there, but to me hallucinations are static and non participative (boring to me) where synaesthesia is lively and inspiring, it's also a bit distracting, I can't really focus on the world so well because my brain is always full on but it's also the opposite of boredom and an incentive for things I think

James Gurney said...

Sunila, thanks for pointing out the difference between synaethesia and hallucination. I haven't experienced either very much to be honest, so I probably conflated the two in my ignorance. I admire you for being able to "see" music. I think Oliver Sacks in his book on hallucination made a similar observation to yours.