Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stop-Motion Honda Ad

Animator PES created this ad for Honda using stop-motion paper animation techniques. There are all sorts of clever ways of turning 2D into 3D. (Link to video on YouTube)

The behind-the-scenes video shows how computers were used to previs the shots and work out the perspective angles, but the final animation was shot in camera with multiple sets of hands manipulating the paper in ingenious ways. (Link to YouTube)

Via BoingBoing


Jim Douglas said...

My wife was watching TV last night, and I randomly passed through the room just in time to catch the beginning of this Honda commercial. It stopped me dead in my tracks! I perched on the arm of the couch for the entire 2-min spot totally mesmerized, feeling like an 8-year old again and not wanting it to end. Great job making something fun, Honda!

Excellent stop-motion always compels me to immediately start my own stop-motion project. The simple concept is so attractive, and it takes so little to get started, right? Just an object and a camera. Then 80 hours later, I've made a mess and I'm starving. I think I better just watch this commercial a few more times and get it out of my system.

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