Sunday, January 17, 2016

Iain McCaig's review of "Fantasy in the Wild"

Iain McCaig has been one of the leading concept artists over the last 25 years, designing such films as Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars. He's also a writer and illustrator, and his book Shadowline is a classic of imagination and storytelling. 

So I was thrilled when Iain had this to say after watching my new video: “James Gurney takes you on a minds-eye view through the daily challenge of all concept artists—the magic trick of making imagination visible and believable.  In his latest DVD, Fantasy in the Wild, he sets himself one of the hardest of design tasks—augmenting reality with fantastical elements, while never once breaking the viewer’s suspension of disbelief. This is SO much easier said than done—I know, I’ve been doing it professionally for over 25 years—and yet James Gurney leaps into it with abandon, sharing his explorations, reference gathering and model-making, false starts and moments of inspiration, and even his interaction with his audience (including the police!) in his fearless search for The Right Solution.  It’s an odyssey not to be missed by a modern Master of Art and Illustration, as he sets off on his faithful unicycle in search of Fantasy In The Wild.” 

"Fantasy in the Wild" is 71 Minutes long and is available for purchase as a HD video download for $14.95 from Gumroad or as a DVD at Kunaki. The DVD is also now available on Amazon.

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Anna Glinsmann said...

that's so cool to know that you guys know each other :)
I have had "Imaginative Realism" and "Color and Light" for some years now, and when I got "Shadowline" for christmas, flipping through and seeing your dinosaurs again – the Dinotopia storyboards – I flinched. They're everywhere! haha!