Monday, January 4, 2016

New Tom Lovell Website

Fans of illustrator Tom Lovell (1909-1997) can now sample from an online gallery of more than 200 images spanning his remarkable career, from the women's and adventure magazines to National Geographic and Western art.

Lovell was an artist's artist who produced work that was consistently well crafted in terms of design, perspective, and figure work, and it always delivered the dramatic mystery required of a magazine illustration.

The website is an outgrowth of the magazine tearsheet archives of Jim Pinkoski, who has amassed similar collections of the published work of John Berkey and Harry Anderson.

Jim Pinkoski's Tom Lovell Collection
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Glenn Tait said...

On Jim Pinkoski's Lovell page he posted a preliminary for "The Hours After Midnight" from June '58 that you own. Its a great sketch, I was curious what medium it was painted with.

Linda Navroth said...

Wow those are cool! You don't even have to know what the story was about because the illustrations say so much all by themselves.