Tuesday, September 13, 2016

GJ Honored in List of Top 100 Art Blogs

Thanks to the staff at Feedspot for including GurneyJourney in the list of "Top 100 Art Blogs"
I saw on the list a lot of other art blogs that inspire me too, such as Parka Blogs and Lines and Colors.


Glenn Tait said...

Very well deserved. Congratulations James.

Tom Hart said...

Congratulations. Of course, you're Numero Uno with me, and with most (probably all) of us!! It's not a good or complete day without a dose of Gurney Journey.

nuum said...

Too Much "contemporaty art" and "modern art" to my taste.

WhO did the list ?

Where´s Apatoff's site, Hans Bacher´s site, Dejas's site and son on ?

Where are the "true" Art Sites ?

You are in a bad company my friend.

Just an opinion.

nuum said...

They forgot the MOMA site 8:)