Friday, September 23, 2016

Painting a Pronghorn in Gouache

Yesterday I painted a pronghorn in gouache for the one-hour Quick Draw event at the SKB Workshop.

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More info about what I mention in the video:

Pronghorn expert: DeVere Burt, Cincinnati
Ancestral cheetah-like predators: "Did False Cheetahs Give Pronghorns a Need for Speed?"
Taxidermy by: Lynn Stewart
Event: SKB Workshop in Dubois, Wyoming / 5 days, 15 instructors, 150 students.
Gouache: Mostly Holbein, M. Graham , and Winsor & Newton

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Steve said...

Wow. Immediately one of my favorite videos of the ones you've posted. Sped up hand motions can be annoying in painting videos, but using it in service to documenting a "quick draw" felt cheerfully apt to me. The voice-over -- telling us the pronghorn is the sole member of its genus, surviving beyond its natural predators, current land speed record holder for North America -- subtly affects how we view its portrait; the animal's alertness and power become more visible. Your final small touches of colored pencil -- the highlights on the eyeballs -- show the power of telling details. As always, thanks for sharing your journey.