Monday, October 3, 2016

Harry Anderson's Painted Studies

"The Ascension," casein study by Harry Anderson
An online magazine article published by the LDS (Mormon) Church shows the preliminary studies and photo reference used by Harry Anderson for the religious paintings he did after his magazine illustration career.

String grid used by Harry Anderson to enlarge his studies
In addition to his work for 7th Day Adventist publications, Anderson painted about 30 images for the LDS Church. An exhibit of his painted studies is currently on view at the Church in Salt Lake City.

Read more at: "A Legacy in the Making: The Paint Studies of Harry Anderson"
Thanks, John Calvin


jytte said...

this seen reminds me of Monty Pyton's Life of Brian :o)

adebanji said...

Thanks ever so much for posting these! It means so much to me. I bought every book with Harry's Biblical illustrations when I was younger and I always wondered how he worked out his techniques. This is a REVELATION! Thanks a million!!

seadit said...

Visually capturing faith-promoting and meaningful stories requires something beyond expert painting and drawing skills (spiritual sensitivity perhaps?), and Harry Anderson is 1 of 2 artists that have done this for me over these many years (Arnold Friberg. who I was fortunate to meet at his studio when I was in school, was the other). Come to think of it, all great artists posses the same skill of capturing the emotion and spirit of a moment that enables others to deeply connect, and why after all these years I still yearn to be able to do the same thing - it's truly inspiring!

Thank you as always for sharing.