Thursday, October 27, 2016

Interview Podcast with Eric Rhoads

Eric Rhoads, publisher of Plein Air Magazine recently interviewed me about how I got started and my thoughts on painting on location. You can listen to the interview at this link.

Eric is also the host of the upcoming 2017 Plein Air Convention in San Diego, which I will be attending as a faculty instructor.

I also recommend his earlier interviews with landscape / marine painter Don Demers (Episode 26), and editor / painter M. Stephen Doherty (Episode 5).


Unknown said...

Congratulations on such a good-humored and entertaining piece. GJ

Amanda said...

Thankyou for the 'head's up'. Podcasts make pretty good company during the long quiet days in the studio and I hadn't come across that one. Great interview. I did enjoy the story about your train journeys.

Tyler J said...

Great interview, James.

You mentioned a painter early on but I couldn't quite make out the last name. Arthur someone (Gumphil? Campbel?)

Also, I am looking forward to your next Clemetoons™ episode. Are you still planning them to loop, episodically?

James Gurney said...

Tyler, I think the fellow I mentioned is Arthur Streeton, the great Australian impressionist. As for Clementoons, I think it's going to work better to release the little shorts as standalones.

GJ and Amanda, glad you enjoyed the chat.

Warren JB said...

Good interview! The first podcast I've listened to, and I think it was a good choice. Did I hear you correctly about exhibiting in the Barbican Centre in London, some time in the future? Do you have any more information about that?

TamlynG said...

Thanks for sharing this! I Enjoyed the interview, I like that Eric gave you time to really answer the questions.
Really looking forward to Casein in the Wild hope that's out soon.

Also to Tyler -- I think the Arthur you couldn't make-out was Arthur Guptill, who wrote a number of books including one about Rockwell's process which James said was a big influence when he was young.

Happy Kreg said...

I had no idea you worked on Fire and Ice! (insert Frazetta fan boy gush) That is really cool. That has always been such a wonderful film. Great work!