Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Animated film "Scavengers"

Scavengers from Joseph Bennett on Vimeo.

"Scavengers" is an animated short that presents human explorers dealing with a strange alien biology on a foreign planet. (Link to Vimeo) Part of the effectiveness of the film comes from the decision not to use spoken language and very little music, focusing instead on concrete sound effects.

Via Cartoon Brew


Kessie said...

Well, that was ... strange. And kind of creepy. Biotech!

Warren JB said...

Very good! A strong Miyazaki vibe - some obvious NausicaƤ influences or homages there. Also reminiscent of some old British shorts. (Kessie, if you thought that was strange and creepy, search youtube for 'Skywhales')

Makes me wonder how long they've been on that planet, to have figured out that whole Rube Goldberg sequence. I take it they're already all stocked up on blue milk and smeerps.

Garrett said...

It's really great to see how much hand-animation there is these days (albeit via computer)! The same tools that everyone feared would kill traditional animation have made it possible for individuals and small teams to create entire animated pieces.

Jim Douglas said...

Imaginative, unpredictable, and wondrous! I didn't want it to end!

pfelelep said...

fascinating, indeed, don't want it to end!
thank you for sharing