Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blended Faces--Marilyn to Elvis

Here's a series of faces morphing from Marilyn to Elvis. As you look through them, at what point does one become the other? What happens to your brain when the switch happens?


Steve said...

Interesting choice of faces to morph, given the way the trajectory of their lives -- both overwhelmed by outsized fame and self-medication -- also morphed.

It would be easier for me to pinpoint when "one becomes the other" if the faces where in a single line. In viewing these faces, set like lines of text, I sense a slight shift in perception in making the descent down and over to the next line.

David Webb said...

The rock group 'Queen' did something similar with the cover for their album 'The Miracle'. The photo showed the faces of all four members of the band morphing into each other.

Daulat Neupane said...

To me the shift happens right when the third row begins, both from the Marilyn and Elvis side.

Daulat Neupane said...
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Landon said...

That's very creepy and my brain doesn't like it! Lol. Third row, third in, is where my brain starts seizing ;)