Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SciFi Exhib Opens Soon in London

Dinosaur Parade, Waterfall City and four other Dinotopia paintings just headed off today on a journey that will take them to London, Athens, Denmark, and beyond.

They'll be on a multi-year tour, part of an exhibition called "Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction." 

The multimedia show will include original art and sculpts by people like Ray Harryhausen, HR Giger, Syd Mead, and Moebius, alongside film clips, books, props and other pop culture items. 

Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction will be at at the Barbican Centre in London from June 3 through 1 September, 2017.


Tom Hart said...

That's great James. Those other artists are in fine company! Will you get to visit it in any of those wonderful locales?

Susan Krzywicki said...

Did I miss an earlier post re: how this came about? It sounds great. Did you have to pack the items, or did the museum send people who did this? That photo shows a fairly large crate - did it feel safe to you? How did you select what went into the show?

Did you collaborate with them on what would be shown? How closely were you involved?

When I read the description of the show, it sounded massive and amazing.

Sandy Wambold said...

Please let us know any additional locations for the exhibit.

James Gurney said...

Sandy, I know they have hoped to get it to go to South Korea, but as far as I know, there's nothing official yet.

Susan, the curator is the former director of Maison d'Ailleurs, Patrick Gyger, who arranged the Dinotopia exhibition in Switzerland, France, and England a few years back. This show will be his Magnum Opus.

rock995 said...

Now THAT'S the way to ship paintings! Wow, Syd Mead. Moebeus. Harryhausen. You're in some great company Mr.Gurney!

David Webb said...

Aha! I'll actually be able to get to see that. Well worth the trip to Londinium. It's in my diary.