Saturday, November 4, 2017

FDR Tour Guide

'Ranger Bob' Herberger took us on a tour of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Home in Hyde Park, NY. 

As he did, I sketched him in his ranger uniform using watercolor pencils and a couple of water brushes.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Museum, and Home


Steve said...

I enjoy the change in expression you’ve achieved. As Bob asks the question, his mouth is slightly down turned. His expression is intent, as if to say, “Come on, people, don’t let me down here.” As he hears the answer,(were you the one who provided ‘Fala’?) he begins to beam. The body language and facial expression both shift. You’ve accomplished so much with so little, so much story in so few lines and shapes.

Bob’s belly appears to be amply proportioned. This is the kind of situation where I’m hesitant — unwilling, usually — to show my work to the person I’ve sketched, if they were unaware I was drawing them.. I see Bob signed the sketch. I know you are untroubled by sharing your work with your candid subjects, Jim. It helps, of course, that your drawing doubtlessly had life-like proportions and was a fair likeness. I also suspect Bob’s personality made it clear he didn’t take himself too seriously and wouldn’t be bothered by an honest likeness.

magic moments in water color said...

Hey! those are great tools for sketching in a museum setting.

madillstudio said...

Great impromptu drawings!