Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Living Sketchbook Updated for iPhone X

We've updated the Living Sketchbook™apps to work with the iPhone X.

The apps let you scroll through the pages of my sketchbooks and experience making-of videos and audio clips recorded at the scene.

Iain McCaig, concept artist for Star Wars, Jungle Book, and Avengers, says: "The 'Living Sketchbook' app takes a classic Gurney Sketchbook and adds audio, video, and written notes on the inspiration, palettes, and thinking behind the art. It's as if you were a friendly ghost watching the creation of every page.”

Volume 1 "Boyhood Home" is available for iOS on Apple phones and tablets at the App Store

and for Android devices at Google Play

Volume 2 "Metro North" is available in three versions to suit your device:
• App for Apple iOS phones and tablets from the App Store
• App for Android devices from Google Play
• For laptop and desktop computers, or people with old phones or tablets, a "PDF+ Edition" including all the art plus all the audio and video in HD.

Erik Tiemens of says ''James Gurney's Living Sketchbook celebrates the mobility and charm of gouache, casein, colored pencil, and pen and ink in sketchbook form."
Review of the app by Teoh
For those of you who have it already, please give it a review— and if you're wondering when the next Living Sketchbook will come out, well, I'm planning to work with my developer put together a couple of new ones by early 2018. 

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Unknown said...

Just downloaded your app, thanx for sharing your beautiful work with us.
Greetings from the Netherlands