Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Painting a Red Mazda on Location

My car needs a tuneup, so I leave it off at the dealership. I make a cup of coffee and sit down at the edge of the showroom.

A red Mazda MX-5 Miata RF is parked in the middle, facing out toward the light. (Link to video on YouTube) Two or three hours? Time enough for a quick painting.

I choose a page in my sketchbook with an insistent yellow casein underpainting. It challenges me to cover every area of the picture with opaque gouache.

This scene has a brighter range of values than most scenes. The light outside is very bright compared to the dark areas on the car. To capture that I have to bleach the lights and make the darks darker than they appear.
Get your Gear On
Gouache tutorial available at Sellfy and Gumroad.
How to Make a Sketch Easel
Pentalic 5" x 8" Aqua Journal
M. Graham gouache set
Pocket plein air brush set


Alan Anderson said...

It’s just a natural ~ ~ a Gurney, fast cars, art, drawing, design and an admiring on looking crowd! Lol

A Colonel of Truth said...

So good at these paintings, Mister Gurney, it’s as if you’re rolling along on auto pilot. 😎
(Say hello to my friend Walt Bartman at the Yellow Barn.)

RDA H said...

Hello James,

First of all, another great video! It's nice to watch when I can't paint myself.

I have one question: Could you perhaps show more of the paintmixing process you do in videos? I would like to see which consistency of paint you use for certain strokes, and how you mix said colors. I know longer videos don't work too well on YouTube, but a few shots of mixing and wetting paint would be nice.

Thanks in advance.