Friday, April 6, 2018

Sketch Easel Hinge Solution

Blog reader Mel Barranco wanted to build a Sketch Easel, but had limited tools. Despite that limitation, he figured out some clever design solutions that I'd like to share with you.

If you've tried to build one, you'll know that one of the design challenges is that the adjustable torque hinges don't fold all the way flat. His workaround was to replace the protruding adjustment screws with "Chicago Screws" (Thanks, Glenn), normally used for binding papers.

He bought the wood from a home improvement store and he didn't have a saw at home, so they cut it for him. 

He inset the hinges so that they're flush with the work surface, and anchored the hinges with aluminum flat bars on the back surfaces. The home improvement store let him use their hacksaw for the aluminum.

Thank you, Mel! It's a clever build solution and you can read all about it on his blog. If you would like to share your Sketch Easel project with the GJ community, please check out my new Facebook Group page, "Sketch Easel Builders."
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Glenn Tait said...

FYI. The screw and post is called a Chicago Screw.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Glenn. I added that to the post.

Mel said...

Hey, James G, Huge, huge thanks for featuring my sketch easel hinge solution. So thrilled to see it in your blog post today.


Marion Boddy-Evans said...

In Edinburgh there's a tool library. Love this idea!

"We lend our members tools for DIY, gardening, decorating and machine repair, so that they don’t need to own them. Not only does this collaborative approach make sense environmentally, it also helps our members financially."

James Gurney said...

Mel, I'm glad your suggestion can help people. Another thing I've tried to get those hinges to fold flat is to drill out the facing flange so that the round topped set screw can set into it.

Marion, interesting idea, the tool library. I liked the quote on the website you linked: "The average power drill is used a total of 13 minutes in it’s lifetime – we don't all need to own one."

Mel said...

James G, it was great to see that level of interest for the wonderful sketch easel you first developed. Glad to offer a modification that may benefit others.

Marion, that is interesting, there's even an organization with that mission!

Unknown said...

Hi James,
I am really a huge fan of yours.
I really want to build my own easel.

James Gurney said...

LEVI, Check out the Facebook group, "Sketch Easel Builders"