Sunday, June 10, 2018

Meredith's Sketch Easel Innovations

Meredith Moles shared her build of a sketch easel:

"I wanted a perfectly flat easel made from only two pieces of wood. I chose 1/4" cherry plywood, which was a fraction thicker than the oak plywood at my local store. The T-nut for holding the quick-connect plate would have protruded, so I cut it shorter with a Dremel. It still holds the quick-connect quite securely.

"My solution for the hinges is inspired by the one on your blog from Paul Savoie. I used nylon flat head screws, and deepened the holes for the screws with a countersink drill bit (very gently, with a hand crank drill, after breaking a hinge with a power drill!). Here they are installed.

"The combination of countersinking and the give in the nylon allows the easel to close, even without recessing the hinges. The easel sits a bit open naturally, but closes all the way with gentle finger pressure, which I figure means that whatever happens in my backpack will be fine.

"Here is the easel all set up. Two cup-holder binder clips hold five things: Brush cup, water cup, paper towel, test paper, and cloth towel. The cup-holder clips happen to fit 4 oz and 8 oz Nalgene containers perfectly. A modified merchandise sign clip, using the wide parts of two clips, holds a light diffuser. It's probably not sturdy enough for windy days, but works great otherwise, providing a completely adjustable angle. I built the easel with a tab for holding the diffuser clip, so the rest of the panel fits my sketchbook precisely and the clip doesn't get in the sketchbook's way. The diffuser itself is made from translucent corrugated plastic, which lets more light through than white corrugated plastic.

"This easel -- and probably most other folks' builds as well -- can simply be turned 90 degrees to work in portrait mode, using the two panels side by side."

Thanks, Meredith!
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rock995 said...

Thanks, Meredith!!

Warren JB said...

Nice work!

I'm more impressed by those cup-holder clips than I probably should be. One of those ingeniously simple things.

Unknown said...

Good work. I love your aartboard...
Vector line art

Steve said...

Great kit! I echo Warren’s comment about those clips.

Santiago Perez said...

Absolutely blown away and extremely appreciative to you and James coming into water color for the first time. This really saves lots of headaches.

Can I ask what your treatment on the wood is? It's absolutely beautiful!

James Gurney said...

Santiago, The finish I use on wood is Tung Oil finish, a favorite with furniture makers.