Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Waterfall City Demo

Photo: Irene Gallo
At the IMC workshop, I'm painting an impressionistic color sketch of Waterfall City using a rough maquette made of styrofoam.

The sketch is in casein over watercolor paper. I'm casting a shadow over the far side of the city with a piece of cardboard.


Andrew said...

Excellent sketch as always. I don't think I've seen one, but have you done a video at all about creating architecture maquettes? It looks relatively straightforward in terms of just cutting, carving, and gluing styrofoam together before priming it but it might make for an interesting how to video.

Luca said...

I was looking at the maquette too, since i was wondering which was the real color of it: the grey one of Irene Gallo's photo or the warm one of the second picture (by James, i guess) ? Perhaps the photos are from 2 different devices, with different sensors...if my guess is correct, this could be a good reminder not to trust colors in reference photos too much.