Thursday, February 21, 2019

Civil War Panorama "Battle of Atlanta"

Atlanta has restored a significant Civil War cyclorama. It's painted in the round, with sculpted figures in the foreground.
"It’s a colossal oil painting: 49 feet high, as long as a football field, and conceived as a cyclorama, a wraparound environment for 360-degree viewing...Produced in 1886 in Milwaukee by a commercial outfit called the American Panorama Company, in a workshop staffed by immigrant German and Austrian artists, “The Battle of Atlanta” was one of dozens of cycloramas traveling the country at the time. (Only two survive intact; the other depicts the Battle of Gettysburg.)"


arturoquimico said...

Maestro... great painting and interesting comments by you... but the article from the NYT gets into the political mudslinging by the second paragraph. Can't newspapers even talk about the arts without taking a swipe at America or the current President?

James Gurney said...

You're right, Arturo. I didn't notice that paragraph when I first read it. Skipped over it looking for the meat. I agree with you: let's look at the arts and especially the arts in history without politicizing it with modern politics.