Friday, February 22, 2019

Sketchbook Flip Through: "Court Report"

Lisa Jong asks on YouTube: Do you plan on making a video where you flip through your sketchbooks? I’d love to see it!

Here you go, Lisa. (Link to YouTube) This video tours you through one of my recent painted sketchbooks, "Court Report."

We take you court-side to an NBA game, then beside a frozen pond, to a dog portrait, to the Portrait Society conference, and to the showroom of a Mazda dealer.

It's a cross-platform app that lets you experience a sketchbook with scalable art, audio commentary, background info, and behind-the-scenes videos. It's now available for both Apple and Google devices. Note: The iOS version has all 25 videos because Apple apps don’t have a data limit. Unfortunately because of the 100MB limit on Android, we had to limit the videos on that platform to five.
Volume 3: Court Report. 
• iOS link:
• Android link:

Collect them all:
Vol 1: Boyhood Home

Vol. 2: Metro North

Praise for previous Living Sketchbooks 
“This app is outstanding! One of my favorite aspects of James Gurney's videos is getting the opportunity to hear his thoughts about the pieces he is painting. I love that I can get that same experience while enjoying the detailed views of the high-resolution sketches in the app.” —Jon Schindehette, Art Director, Art Order

“It’s as nice as having James’s sketchbook in my hands! Only with the added bonus of actually being able to see him manipulate the image. Having followed many of these pieces and seeing the originals in some cases, I find that this is a really helpful tool to see how he paints in real life and being able to examine the images at my leisure to see the way that the final brushstrokes are put down. I hope that James adds more sketchbooks and/or pages so that I can get even more inspiration from his work.” —Michael Mrak, Design Director, Scientific American 


RotM_81 said...

Do you plan to release a bundle of all three volumes like you did for the first two?

Rich said...

So much thought went into all these sketchbooks.

Didn't want to left this unobserved.

Rich said...

How did Wordsworth's line on Charles Darwin read:

"Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone".

James Gurney said...

Rich, wow, what a fascinating quote. What did you mean, that each of us in our sketchbooks is traveling a sea of our own thoughts as Wordsworth did when he was in college contemplating Darwin or Newton?

I think a sketchbook is a kind of track of a person's thoughts. Maybe that's why we all like to watch videos where the artist flips through them and talk about what inspired each drawing.

ROTM81, not sure, because each bundle has to be submitted to Apple separately, and it can become kind of complicated to have all these separate offers.

RotM_81 said...

Thanks for getting back to me on the bundle question... I understand completely!

Dustin Wilson said...

Do you plan on offering this on gumroad as a pdf and video like you did with Metro North? I don't have a tablet, and viewing your sketchbooks on my old and tiny phone isn't adequate.

Jim Williams said...

I recall you spent some time in Australia whilst working on dinosaur stamps. Did you do any sketchbook or other painting here?

H3NR7 said...

Hi James,
I was cleaning out unused Apps from my iPad mini and I saw your Living Sketchbook, vol. 1 and 2. I wanted to read through it again but the apps are missing and it no longer exist in the Apple Store. Your name does not come up in the search either.

Did something happen?

Can I download volume 1 and 2 some other way like a PDF?
Is Volume 3 available for Apple iPad mini 6?
thanks, Henry

James Gurney said...

Hi, Henry,
Please email me privately (address on lower left of blog) and I'll help you sort it out.