Monday, November 25, 2019

Cartoons of Bernard Partridge

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin check up on the state of the world.
Bernard Partridge (English, 1861-1945) was a book illustrator and a cartoonist for the humor magazine Punch.
His illustrations were admired by Adolph Menzel. Many of his cartoons dealt with themes of war and peace during the era of the Great Wars.
Bernard Partridge on Wikipedia.


Steve Gilzow said...

Interesting to consider Partridge must have been well into his 70s -- or even 80s --when he drew the FDR/Stalin/Churchill panel. It could very well reference the Yalta conference of February, 1945. Partridge would have been 83 years old, with his death coming later that year -- three days after the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, less than two months before his 84th birthday.

Jim Douglas said...

Punch cartoons must have influenced so many aspiring illustrators. When Punch stopped publication, I wonder if those devotees felt like I did when MAD magazine called it quits.