Saturday, November 30, 2019

Menzel's Paintings on Paper

Adolph Menzel, Senior Privy Councillor Knerk,
portrait study for the painting The Coronation of Wilhelm I in Königsberg, 1863/1865,
watercolour and gouache over a preparatory sketch on vellum paper
Adolph Menzel (1815–1905) is currently featured in a Berlin exhibition about his paintings on paper.

According to the Kupferstichkabinett, the museum that's hosting the show, Menzel "is known as a painter of large works on canvas, and as the creator of countless studies in pencil. But it was first as a painter of works on paper that he began to employ the full palette of his artistic gifts of expression, creating colourful works ranging from experimental portrait studies through to elaborately composed paintings."

Adolph Menzel "Diploma for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Heckmann Factory", 1869
The museum "possesses the largest collection of works on paper by this German artist, comprising more than 6,000 works – is rediscovering Menzel as a painter of works on paper with a major solo exhibition. The show will feature around 100 works in watercolour, pastels and gouache from the museum’s own holdings, along with a number of key loans. Together, they offer the first comprehensive survey of Menzel’s painterly works on paper."

(Link to YouTube)

"The majority of the works shown in the exhibition are standalone works, however there are also a number of preparatory studies for famous paintings."


Robert Michael Walsh said...

The trailer is quite a enticing teaser. I was taken by the simulated 3D in a couple of the pan shots.

Terry said...

Heck of do on Senior Privy Councillor Knerk, there! (I'm just jealous because I could never, ever create anything that amazing)

Jeff said...

What an amazing artist. If I recall from the book he used very basic, even toy quality materials. Now every time I look at a new art supply catalog I think of Menzel and tell myself to stop wasting time (and money) looking at art materials and start drawing or painting.

Windspiel said...

Ohhh. I would love to visit this exhibition. Maybe I can find a affordable train. It's only 4h with an ICE from my hometown to Berlin...