Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Painting While Facing the Light

How can you capture light in a painting while facing toward the light? I've got a new video that you can watch here or on YouTube.

The technique uses watercolor, gouache, and pastel over a casein priming to capture the feeling of objects against a bright sky. I also discuss whether it ‘breaks the rules’ to combine gouache, watercolor and other mixed media.
Should Watercolors Be Purely Transparent?
Contre Jour Lighting
Light Spill


Stephen and Nyree said...

Chasing the light in painting is so fun sometimes.

Glenn Tait said...

James, great video as always. You mentioned that you were using your watercolours fresh from the tube as opposed to your pans. I'm curious as to your comments about using the fresh paint versus the pans. Also, do your find it's more beneficial when using them like this with a tube of white gouache?

James Gurney said...

Glenn, yes, I find the paint much more workable when it comes from the tube.

Rupohi said...

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