Thursday, November 7, 2019

Sargent Images from NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne has in its collection nine examples of paintings and drawings by John Singer Sargent.
Hospital at Granada (1912) John Singer SARGENT oil on canvas 56.2 × 71.5 cm
One of them shows patients recovering at a hospital in Spain. The scene appears to be painted completely on location, with the artist focusing on each person or grouping in turn.

At the NGV website, you can zoom way into the paintings and see the economy of strokes that Sargent used to describe the forms.

The website also has 64 works by Arthur Streeton, 34 works by Charles Conder, and 77 works by Norman Lindsay, with similar zoomable features.


A Colonel of Truth said...

Henry David Thoreau’s counsel, “Simplify. Simplify.” - applies to the painter. Sargent mastered simplicity (suggesting complexity).

Sascha Karschner said...

Thank you so much James !

Lou said...

This and Sorolla's Sewing the Sails have me convinced that both these fellows were aliens!

Thanks James and Sascha and bravo Australia for making these images available in such a monumental way for us who can not make the trip!

giannini said...

yet only one or two are on display to the public.