Friday, November 1, 2019

Turner Watercolor Exhibit

At Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut, there's a show of over 90 watercolor paintings by J.M.W. Turner.

According to the Museum:

"The 97 works have been selected from the vast legacy that comprises more than 30,000 works on paper, 300 oil paintings, and 280 sketchbooks, known as the “Turner Bequest,” donated to Great Britain after the artist’s death in 1851 and mostly conserved at Tate Britain. The bequest includes the entire body of works housed in the artist’s personal studio and produced over the years for his “own pleasure,” to cite the words used by the contemporary critic John Ruskin. While Turner is perhaps better known for his oil paintings, he was a lifelong watercolorist and fundamentally shaped what was understood to be possible within the medium during his lifetime and after."

(Video link) "An inveterate traveler, Turner rarely left home without a rolled-up, loose-bound sketchbook, pencils, and a small traveling case of watercolors. These memories of journeys, emotions, and fragments of landscapes seen during his long stays abroad illustrate the development of Turner’s stylistic language focused on experimenting with the expressive potential of light and color."

Turner: Watercolors from Tate at Mystic Seaport
There's a book to go with the show: Conversations with Turner: The Watercolors
The show will be up through February 23. Admission price is $28.95.


Norman McCanch said...
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Norman McCanch said...

This will be a very good exhibition, Turners watercolours are brilliant and informative and they do not often get displayed effectively even in Britain. I live very close to his old haunts in Margate, still an interesting place visually. Sadly Ruskin destroyed a good deal of Turners erotic drawings as a result of his own prudishness! (Corrected by Norman!)

Jamie Williams Grossman said...

The show is great! I went up to see it with a couple of friends right after it opened. It's well worth the drive from the Hudson Valley. There are works in various stages, which gives some insight into his thought process. I also loved seeing how he experimented with so many different approaches. Admission to the Seaport Museum gives you two days of admission to Mystic Seaport as well, which is a wonderful place to sketch. They don't allow artists to do any work for sale, but sketching in any medium is permitted.

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wilthur143 said...

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