Sunday, February 16, 2020

Fire and Ice Original to Be Auctioned March 1-2, 2020

On March 1-2, 2020, Heritage Auctions will offer an original background painting, complete with hand painted cel overlays, from the movie Fire and Ice (Ralph Bakshi / Frank Frazetta).
The description says: "Here's an exceptional original hand-painted cel and background setup from Fire and Ice, an epic high fantasy animated film that was a collaboration between Ralph Bakshi and one of the most important fantasy and science fiction artists of the past century, Frank Frazetta. It was also a collaboration with another artist of note, James Gurney. Mr. Gurney is best known for his illustrated book series Dinotopia; he painted the gorgeous backgrounds for Fire and Ice, his first major assignment. This splendid piece actually has two James Gurney paintings; the vine-wrapped tree at the right, and as an overlay, a foreground of flowers, a wall, and a pond. This scene occurs not long after Princess Teegra and and the warrior Larn first get together, at the ancient ruins; here, Teegra laughs as Larn clowns around after being told to "behave himself."
2020 March 1-2 Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation, & Art Weekly Online Auction #122009


Dragon Dave said...

From the description, it sounds like the painting is Gurney 99%, Frank Frazetta 1%

Penny Taylor said...

I went over & looked at some of the auction prices... the drawings, cells, comic books... I then thought of all the comic books I'd tossed out in the 60s & soon sat down with heart palpitations. Thousands upon thousands of $$. Yikes