Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to Make a Faux Bronze Plaque

In this new video (link to YouTube), I show how to make a Steampunk-style fake bronze plaque out of epoxy clay, wood, springs, and wire. The result looks like an antique cast sign with raised letters, but this method is much faster and cheaper to make for the home craftsperson. The plaque is made with animated elements that rotate and lift up and down, operated by manual crank levers that turn a camshaft.

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PeggyB said...

You are SIMPLY AMAZING! You brain works way better than MY brain, and likely better than many of your other followers. But your IMAGINATION? MIND BLOWING!!!

Thanks for sharing everything you share. Whew (catching my breath!)

beltedcows said...

You remind me of my Dad who was always making gadgets. Love your creativity using the simplest parts (ie.Legos!!!) & making it look so easy to make.

Lou said...

The greatest mental distraction in the world is fussing with gadgets, tools, jigs and such things. It's an abstract form of meditation.
I just finished making a carving knife for woodblocks. The time spent shaping the handle to fit my hand, cutting and fitting the brass bolster, shaping and sharpening the blade took me away from the world of political turmoil, stress over pandemics, and a myriad of other like issues.
Find your distraction. Whatever it may be you'll feel better for it.
Thanks yet again James.

Pierre Fontaine said...

I relate to "beltedcows" comment as this also reminds me so much of techniques my father used for his projects (he did lots of dimensional, sculptural things that mimicked all sorts of finishes yet just made of wood and putty). I've used similar techniques to fix our very old church creche figures that were just crumbling away.

I really enjoy these sorts of how-to videos. I was wondering if this project was filmed some time ago considering when you first introduced this visual into your YouTube videos.