Sunday, April 5, 2020

Anna May-Rychter watercolors

Anna May-Rychter (1864–1955) was born in Bavaria and learned to paint. She fell in love with Polish artist Tadeusz Rychter, who left his first wife for Anna. But being a Catholic he couldn't obtain a divorce. Because they faced social disapproval in Europe for not being properly married, they departed to live in Jerusalem, which provided the subjects for her watercolors.

Life sometimes takes us to unexpected places. Wherever those places might be, find your inspiration there.


Susan Krzywicki said...

Interesting style - her colors are warm, even when blue. And I see a cross on top of that building...was this painting of a Christian church or organization in Israel?

Hildegard Khelfa said...

This blog offers such a widespread variety to learn and widen the own horizon. Thank you.

Penny Taylor said...

Oh, I love this. Ideal practice copy while I'm at home. Thank you.