Thursday, April 23, 2020

Short Clips from "Color in Practice"

Here's a video clip from "Color in Practice." I'm painting the office of the auto repair shop, using warm and cool colors. (Link to video on Facebook)

In this painting of the parked limo I turn day into night with the stimulus of a spotlight underpainting. (link to video on FB)
Anthony Walsh, Founder of Syn Studio : Art School, says: "Colour in Practice is a superb instructional video. James' explanations are crystal clear and everything is beautifully demonstrated. For each colour palette, James shows you exactly how to build it and then shows you how to make great use of it in a step-by-step painting demo. James also provides handy painting tips as well as practical exercises that will make you a better artist. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their painting skills."
Check out the full video out in my new video tutorial, Color in Practice, available any any of these outlets:
Gumroad (1080p HD video download with streaming option)
Sellfy (1080p HD video download) 
Cubebrush (1080p HD video download from concept art marketplace)


Carl Wendt said...

The video is certainly worth the small investment. James does a wonderful job of simplifying his subjects and also simplifying his explanations. An exemplary instructor.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Very informative video, thanks again for sharing your expertise! Now I must ask: When is part 2 coming out?!!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I've bought this video and already it has made me think about initial block ins and a very narrow palette.

It's very useful, I can see myself watching it a few times in a short period. Good stuff!

Dennis Applebee said...

Great video! This has made me rethink how I might teach color in my printmaking and graphic design classes. I notice that your practice/test sketchbook in the video is the not a Pentalic watercolor sketchbook like you normally use. What kind is it?