Monday, August 24, 2020

Painting a Postal Service Delivery Truck

What is the history and future of the USPS delivery trucks? I do the job of sketch-reporter to find out. (Link to YouTube view)

This truck is one of the commonplace things we've seen every day for 30 years. But once they take them all away, we'll miss seeing them, just like we miss the yellow Checker cab and the phone booth.
Watch the 11 minute video on YouTube


Jim Douglas said...

I worked for the USPS for a summer while a college student and was licensed to drive these vehicles. They are called LLVs which stands for "long life vehicle" because the USPS specifies their lifespan at about 25 years:

The steering wheel is on the right side, but you still drive on the right side of the road. So they are strange to drive for Americans and Brits alike!

John Jacobsen said...

Loved the humanity in this video, and I continue to be inspired by your reduced palettes for plein air.

p.s. thank you for modeling wearing a mask in public!