Sunday, September 13, 2020

Revisiting Your Childhood House

When I started painting this house I could tell that it was uninhabited from the dumpster next to it. I was halfway through the sketch when a car drove up. 

A man from the city got out and told me that was the house he grew up in. The house had sold and he wanted to take one last look at it and relive his memories. 

I captured the moment in my new 90 minute Gumroad tutorial, "TRIADS: Painting with Three Colors.”

The video is on YouTube  
Check out TRIADS from Gumroad and Sellfy.


Jake Stansel said...

Will you ever release book(s) with your sketchbook plein air paintings? It would be so cool to have a series of small books formatted like your actual sketchbooks. With your cover letterings and design and all. Basically we need carbon copies of your sketchbooks...

The Infected said...

Tel. Me you tore out the painting and gave it to the man.

Steven Tortora said...

Thanks James.A day does not pass without me looking at your blog.
This one really got me-(usually you are only a poet with a brush)i had to write and tell you how much i appreciate the work you do on and off camera.
"Color and Light is a terrific book-Thanks for sharing.All the best to you and
your family
Steven Tortora
Old hat club

Hildegard Khelfa said...

I surely bore you to sleep, repeating myself, how much I value all you are sharing. It inspires me so much and through the joy I regained with drawing Gouache, those days one of those severely physically handicapped guys whom we care for and help (our job) wanted to try painting again (what he did before his accident). He tries it now with his mouth and a brush.

Just to give you an idea, how your work and passion, also your joy to teach spreads and does people good.

As for this video, I admired the brave choice of colours. Then this moment when the guy came and shared memories. It made everything so special and was just a wonderful story. Together with Emily Dickinson's poem and your art: a true gem. Thank you.

James Gurney said...

Wow, Hilde, thank you for sharing that story. That's so good of you to connect your people with ways they can connect with the art they did in their life before things changed for them. Give my best to the gentleman you're working with. I'm so glad my videos have inspired him.

Hildegard Khelfa said...

Thank you very much, I will do so tomorrow and show him your answer.