Friday, September 11, 2020

Sunday YouTube Premiere

What happens when you use secondary colors (orange, violet, and green) as primaries? I set up in front of an abandoned house to find out.

Then something amazing happens! The guy who grew up in the house randomly stops by to share his memories. 

Don't miss the free YouTube premiere (with live Q and A) on September 13 at noon, California time. Here's the link. It's all part of my next painting tutorial TRIADS, which releases tomorrow, Saturday, September 12. You don't have to join LightBox Expo to watch, but I recommend it because LBX a good virtual hub for a lot of artistic activity this weekend. 


Virginia Fhinn said...

Super excited for this!!!!

D.K. Vosburgh said...

Very cool. You’re in good company, James... as you probably know, the orange/green/violet triad was the basis of Emile GruppĂ©’s approach to color as well... he got it from John Follinsbee, who brought it back from Paris just before the First World War.

James Fay said...

The Q&A You did was easily a highlight of Lightbox for me. Is there any recording of it that I could look back over? I'm in an Intermedia Studies class and am hoping to make a Zine for my class about the workshop!
It seemed like doing the sessions through Lightbox allowed a lot of freedom to go over the allotted time, which really showed how passionate you are about teaching.
Much appreciated!