Sunday, December 27, 2020

Dogs Have Heat Sensing Noses

Dogs' noses are famously sensitive to smells. But it turns out they can sense heat signatures, too.

Bulldog, 1927 (watercolor on paper) by Cecil Aldin, (1870-1935)

Scientists demonstrated the ability by testing for increased brain activity when the canine subjects were presented with objects that were warmer than their surroundings. 

The tips of dogs' noses are different from those of many other mammals. They're full of heat-sensing nerve endings, and the fact that they're kept wet and cold seems to be related to their ability to perceive thermal radiation. This sensory endowment gives dogs an added endowment in addition to their other senses—sight, hearing, and smell. 

Science Magazine: New sense discovered in dog noses: the ability to detect heat

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nuum said...

"Sleeping partners" by Cecil Aldin, with drawings of his dogs Cracker and Mickey, is a wonderful book.