Friday, January 1, 2021

Sketch at Plimouth Plantation

Cherie Shannon  asks: "Have you ever painted at Plymouth Plantation? That's another fantastic place with some really interesting subjects to paint. We are currently closed there for the season but it's worth checking out when we open back up."

Yes, I have. I went there 20 years ago with my son Frank as part of an overnight school field trip. 

I loved the way each of the people who worked there presented themselves as a real person from the pages of history. 

I sketched "John Billington" who was sitting in one of the small dwellings. When I asked him to sign the sketch, he marked his name with an "X". Writing was a skill that not everyone had in the early 17th century.  

Plimouth Plantation reopens in the spring of 2021


Laura G. Young said...

An "X". Haha that's hilarious! Historical re-enactors' knowledge and dedication to making the Past more accessible is so awesome. I just got out my copy of The Artist's Guide to Sketching today and was thinking how it'd be cool to see more of your pencil work....and then you posted this. Perfect serendipity.

Best wishes to you and yours in 2021,


Susan Krzywicki said...

Love the "X" story detail!