Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Microscopic Sculptures of Hagop Sandaldjian

The sculptures of Hagop Sandaldjian are so tiny that they can't be fully appreciated with the naked eye. You need a magnifying glass to make out the details.

Sandaldjian's interest in tiny sculptures grew out of his expertise in the ergonomic study of how to refine muscular movements and breathing when we use tools. 

The Museum of Jurassic Technology of Los Angeles displays some of Sandaldjian's work.

According to the museum's website:
"Born of obsessive devotion, an individual figure could take as many as fourteen months to finish. Each sculpted micron represented not only endless hours of toil, but exacting travail fraught with peril, as his work could so easily be destroyed or lost. An unexpected sneeze or misdirected breath could blow away a microminiature with hurricane force, while a casual movement could sabotage the work of months. Since even a pulse in his fingers could cause an accident, Sandaldjian ultimately learned to apply his decisive strokes only between heartbeats."

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Vladimir Venkov said...

The patience and self-control this person had were extraordinary. I am amazed...