Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Computer-Generated Empty Spaces

Posted by _gnarlybrown on the subReddit "kenopsia"

There's a lonely feeling when you're traveling through endless abandoned hallways in the back of empty malls, conference centers, or hotels.

(link to YouTube) Computers can generate videos of endless hallways leading through empty conference rooms. It's an eerie, almost dreamlike effect.

These algorithmically-generated spaces can be endless stairways or maze-like rooms, and they're often used in video games.

They're also called "liminal spaces," and there are communities on the internet where people share photos and artwork that portray this feeling. Here's a video on YouTube that explores the topic.

Thanks, Kenneth Marc.


Kenneth Marc said...

Liminal space or spaces are of interest here as well. As transitional spaces, they often evoke an eerie feeling. There's a good video by Solar Sands on YouTube that explores the concept.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Kenneth. That's a great video. I'll add it to the post.