Thursday, February 18, 2021

H.M. Bateman's "The Man Who..." Illustrations

Henry Mayo Bateman (British 1887-1980) created a popular series of comic illustrations that show a man doing something socially inept and suffering the consequences.

Here's the reaction that happened to "The man who threw a snowball at St. Moritz."

Or to "The man who asked for a second helping at a city company dinner."

Or "The man who lit his cigar before the royal toast."

And finally "The man who stole the prize marrow." (What we in America would call a gourd.)
Henry Mayo Bateman on Wikipedia

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Warren JB said...

As a brit, I'd describe it a zuchinni that's allowed to grow!

Funny stuff. The theme reminds me a lot of Pont's 'The British Character' cartoons.