Thursday, May 20, 2021

C. Calvert Beall in Illustration Magazine

Cecil Calvert Beall  - Catherine La Rose

 C. Calvert Beall (American, 1892 -1967) was an American illustrator who created images for the popular magazines using watercolor as his medium.

During the Depression years, he painted for the pulp magazines Argosy and Detective Fiction Weekly

"but he signed this work 'C. Calvert,' instead of 'C.C Beall.' This was intended to preserve his reputation while he waited for the economy to revive enough for him to return to his more lucrative career as an illustrator of advertisements in the mainstream media of the nationwide slick magazines."

The quote is from Illustration Magazine #72, which has a feature on CC Beall with over 40 color reproductions, some full page and many from original art, plus features on Mike Ludlow and Frank Fruzyna. 


CatBlogger said...

Is there a book of movie poster illustrators of the 1920's and 1930's?

Newt said...

It's interesting how the chroma in the top illustration is layered from the very chromatic wallpaper in the background to the more subdued figures in the midground to the nearly colorless foreground lamp. It would never occur to me to color a picture like that!